Xzyst : 3D Testing

(See Known Glitches and Bugs below the game window)
Move with the arrow keys: up, down, left and right, or w, s, a, d
You must target your enemy to kill them with fireball, use leftclick on your mouse to select the turrets, the aqua sphere, the gray ghosts, the star locks (barriers) and finally the boss of the board. You do not have to target when using electric field or sword.

Click '1' or '2' to use a 'spell' (1 being fireball, 2 being electric field).
Press 'space bar' to jump.
Press '3' to shapeshift (you can shapeshift into a cylinder for testing), Press '3' to change back.
Press '4' to use your sword.
Press '5' to activate your shield, press it again to turn it off.
Press Left 'ctrl' or 'cmd' to activate run (this is currently glitchy).
To pan the camera, hold rightclick down and move your mouse.

Keep in mind these are just tests, this is not the actual game or game play for Xzyst : The Game.
Sound has been disabled in this test.
If someone is online, you can chat with them via 'Display Chat'.
Known Glitches/Bugs:
1) If you jump off the edge, you do not die (as you're supposed to) You will have to disconnect and reconnect.
2) If you leave a game and come back, you will start the scene over. (So if I killed half the enemies, when you enter the game, all of the enemies will return for you, but not me)
3) If you enter a game that's been started, sometimes you will see a bunch of fireballs and maybe even the white cloud. I am working on this glitch.
4) Animations are not playing out fully on the user side (or at all sometimes), but seem to on the remote side.
5) Fireballs sometimes launch from an odd position.
6) Other users cannot see you shapeshift or put up your shield.

If you find a glitch you can let us know about it via the Xzyst facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xzyst/138323292855271