Site Additions/Site History Log:

[9:26 AM 7/11/2023 : This site is still online for archive purposes and a possible return to the game development. Chaos Scream and DMDforge.com are closed. If you need to get in touch, contact me via this site's contact form.]

[2:36 PM 2/5/2020 : I have not updated this site in quite awhile, Chaos Scream did return, but for a short while. DMDforge.com has been closed. For future web design/graphic work, contact me via this site's contact form. Soon I intend on updating Xzyst.com with new information and a new look, as well as info on the game status. Currently it is not in development, but that may change.]

[9:00 PM 9/18/2013 : Chaos Scream: officially closed/offline - permanent. It's been a great run, but there always comes an end and ours has far past. Thanks to all of our patrons and long time friends ~ without you, Chaos would have never rocked the way it did. R.I.P. Chaos Stream/Chaos Scream 2006-2013.]

[7:43 PM 8/28/2013 : DMDForge.com has been launched! This is my new 'business' site. Xzyst.com will remain online to host the game and everything to do with it. I will be trimming the fat and updating Xzyst.com over the next few weeks or so.]

[1:40 PM 8/23/2013 : Been REALLY busy working with Mission Impossible on a slew of new sites. But, I am working on a new one for myself: dmdforge.com (coming soon). I updated my 'projects' page/list and added a bunch of new ones, plus edited some old ones. I'll keep you posted!]

[6:50 AM 4/1/2012 : Chris Petty's site was launched and successful :-) Xzyst.com also boasts a new template (about damn time). Much more soon...]

[11:28 PM 3/23/2012 : The site for Chris Petty is complete and will launch tomorrow sometime! (Woohoo!) I will also be releasing a new template for Xzyst.com (long time overdue) very soon, probably about a week at most. Much more in store - Xzyst:The Game, a new logo for FullScale Corp (Yellowbellyball.com), new site builds for Mission Impossible AND www.chaosscream.com, all coming soon.]

[8:05 AM 1/8/2012 : Many things have been put on hold for Xzyst.com as clients come first. At this time Chris Petty's photography site is being developed as well as continued work with Mission Impossible/PoliticalAgents.com.]

[11:30 AM 6/18/2011 : Currently I am working closely with Mission Impossible (Canada) to produce high quality websites for their local community and union officials. There are plans on updating Xzyst.com with a brand new template, as I do every year. Plans for the new Xzyst.com include a legacy archive of websites and designs that I've done over the past years, that are no longer in service or being used. Plus Xzyst : The Game is still in full swing. Yellowbellyball.com has been updated, herpclub.com will be retired.]

[12:25 AM 2/27/2011 : Well, it's been awhile since I've updated this page. Xzyst : The Game has an updated page with a new information and a new developer added! The Chaos Stream site updates are just about done and The Game is being developed in full force! It's gonna be a good year :-)]

[4:35 PM 1/2/2011 : Happy New Year! Xzyst.com will be introducing some changes in the next few months, including (but not limited to) a new Xzyst.com site template, a brand new Chaos Stream site and more! My pricing page will soon be closed to the public; at that point if you want a quote for a project, you will have to simply contact me.]

[3:59 PM 10/19/2010 : Well, I've been quite busy: wildanimalworld.net is completed and live (the new updated site), I have gotten together a fresh team of developers to attack the newest version of Xzyst : The Game (see the game page from the link in the navigation menu) and the Chaos Stream has been greatly updated in many areas (see the Chaos page from the link in the navigation menu)]

[10:41 PM 8/3/2010 : My pricing page has been updated, a notice has been sent to all past and current clients.]

[2:46 PM 7/18/2010 : Currently I am wrapping up the new WildAnimalWorld.net project, Hog-Stompin.com is completed, 14bTheMovie.com has been updated.]

[11:17 PM 5/31/2010 : My apologies but my contact form is currently down. If you must email me, please email darkendone AT aim DOT com.

Visit my projects page to see my latest works including: Hog Stompin.com and Impressive Import Performance.com. I have also updated my project page to now display a clickable thumbnail that shows a screenshot of each project.]

[2:59 PM 4/24/2010 : I've been quite busy with the following projects: www.14bthemovie.com, www.assholelife.com, and our very own Chaos Stream at xzyst.com/chaos_stream. Plus several other projects that have yet to be revealed.]

[10:22 PM 3/17/2010 : Currently I am working on 14Bthemovie.com and a few other projects that I will release to the public soon. Check out 14Bthemovie.com!]

[11:55 PM 2/4/2010 : The Chaos Stream is returning, see the Chaos Stream forum for details.]

[9:12 PM 1/20/2010 : Xzyst The Game v6.1.2 - Visual Battle Add-On (x-browser version) has been uploaded and released for public testing. Although it was a lot of possibly needless work, I completed the update on the current version to be 100% x-browser again. There may still be glitches and errors (I do know that the design/layout of the webTV/msnTV version needs heavy work). Please notify me if you test it and find errors.]

[1:48 PM 1/17/2010 : Xzyst The Game version 5.9.2 has been uploaded and released for public testing.]

[9:51 AM 1/17/2010 : Two special notes: 1) I no longer accept email from the host account, if you need to send me a message, use the contact me form. 2) The game is still under construction, the newest version turned out to be incompatible with webtv/msntv (plus other older browsers I assume). As I find time, I will work out the bugs and re-release the current version, for now most modern browsers can test it. *The game is not finished, there are about 80+ levels to be made, storyline, plus other features. As of now I am just testing different add-ons and aspects of the system.]

[1:03 PM 1/9/2010 : Xzyst The Game version 5.9.1 has been uploaded and released for public testing.]

[2:40 PM 1/1/2010 : My Projects list has been updated, now it is shown using a new custom script I wrote that grabs all current/active clients from a database and sorts them into a folder type of view. The javascript and folder view is also a custom built script.]

[12:05 PM 1/1/2010 : Happy New Year!!! As I warned the site's pricing page has been updated for the new year. Please refer to the pricing page for more details.]

[3:44 PM 12/17/2009 : Gallery theme has been updated, site re-config is still underway: titles, keywords and other minor details need to be finished. Just a reminder to all: Time is running out on getting your discounts! On 1/1/10 price increases will range from 10%-25% on many items from the pricing page.]

[10:52 AM 12/17/2009 : Site updates are completed, with the exception of my gallery theme. I have designed a new feature for the site to allow the user to select a theme. Go to 'website demos', select a template from the numbered list and then click 'save theme'. This will set a cookie (you need to allow them from www.xzyst.com) and remember the theme you chose. If you do not select one the default theme will show instead.]

[4:54 PM 12/14/2009 : My pricing page has been re-formated and updated, more updates/fixes coming this week.]

[4:47 PM 12/11/2009 : The portfolio links are not updated, but if you use them you will be redirected to the new pages, not really a big deal I'll fix it on Monday. Have a great weekend!]

[3:20 PM 12/11/2009 : Most of the site updates are complete, I took the time to upload new work to my portfolio as well.]

[4:42 PM 12/10/2009 : I have moved and re-configured many files, but many are still unfinished. If you see errors, you can contact me on them, or simply wait till the new build is complete.]

[11:59 AM 12/10/2009 : RSS feed is successful, I will be utilizing it to update this page, projects and possibly other areas in the site. Once complete and functional, I will announce it on this page. Currently I am re-configuring the entire site, so you may notice errors here and there for a few days.]

[4:46 PM 12/9/2009 : *no info *test entry.]

[12:14 PM 12/9/2009 : Currently fixing and adjusting minor errors in the site and demo templates, note that #6 (the glass eye) only works in browsers that support png transparency. This will be fixed to work with previous browsers, but later. I am also preparing a structure re-design, I am doing away with the old php?send=variable and converting back to a solid url set up, as well as removing the index frameset. Basically making the site more search engine friendly. Also I am working on necessitymarketing.com, headsupsoftball.com and a few other projects in between, so actually getting my site done may take longer than expected. (lol, as usual.) I have more images to upload to the portfolio and I've updated my project listing. That is all for now.]

[4:48 PM 12/4/2009 : I have fixed a few navigation errors in the site, plus there was a minor outage a few days ago, nothing to worry about.]

[3:21 PM 11/21/2009 : Although the random template structure was great, I have decided on a new design for the overall site and installed it. The new business cards and site now look identical, creating instant recognition. The random templates have been moved to their own section labeled 'web site demos' located in the left menu.]

[3:02 PM 11/4/2009 : I have updated the contact form for a more precise quote request and opened the Xzyst.com price list to the public. Pricing can be clicked from the home page, if you have a referral code it can be used here too.]

[5:18 PM 10/1/2009 : Xzyst.com now boasts a random template structure. With each page the design will change. With the exception of sitemap and the portfolio.]

[10:03 AM 9/23/2009 : Updated my current project listing.]

[8:59 AM 9/8/2009 : Added a new section to the site dedicated to my car project...Project:Camaro. The link is in the main menu.]

[10:20 AM 9/1/2009 : I haven't done much with the site in awhile but here are the current plans: Xzyst:The Game will have a brand new update with many new features soon (including multi player) My portfolio will be updated with new images and new/current projects. I will be adding a new section to the site dedicated to Project:Camaro and Project:eXm (guitar design/build) The Chaos Stream project is on hold, but the forums/chat are still open to the public.]

[7:21 PM 10/29/2008 : *NEW images uploaded to my portfolio! Plus changed the site them to an orange color for halloween. (limited time!) Constructed the Chaos Stream site and request system. Updated Vamos forums. New projects added.

Happy Halloween!!!]

[2:55 PM 8/25/2008 : Re-Launched the Chaos Stream! I DJ on the chaos stream nightly, for more info click 'chaos stream' in the main menu. Also I am updating my portfolio and other parts of my site.

BIG PROJECT NEWS: Yellowbellyball.com has been re-launched with a brand new look!]

[1:16 PM 8/2/2008 : I uploaded new images into my portfolio. I am also working a new site (added to projects.)]

[9:59 PM 5/7/2008 : Uploaded a new template for the site. Still working on the transfer, some text/images may seem out of place until I have it complete.]

[11:24 AM 4/29/2008 : Updated current project listings.]

[4:16 PM 12/8/2007 : Wow, yeah it's been awhile since I've updated my own site! I've been busy with many client projects, the newest of which is tradeababe.com. You can see many designs from this site, and others, plus new artwork and ads have been added to my portfolio. I am planning a site 'upgrade' soon, but I have alot on my plate being the sole administrator for herpclub.com (and its affiliates), and tradeababe.com (and its affiliates.) I hope you like the new work, and check back soon, I may have more to show :-) Happy Holidays!!!]

[12:56 AM 12/16/2006 : The game is up for beta testing!!!!! This is a lowgrade version.. and it is not multiplayer (there will be something later for that) for now, its just a test to see what works for people, and what doesnt. click 'the game/info' to access the beta.]

[12:38 AM 12/1/2006 : Finished updating the site in many areas, there is still a ton of work to do on the site. Made a new flash intro, and added flash banners to the site. Took down the flash container, and flash demo sites, (I plan to rebuild them for demonstrations.)

Still need to update my gallery with new images that I have done over the last year or so, biz cards, flyers, ads, etc.

I have much planned for the future of this site, but for now this is all I am doing. LoL...been a long day.]

[5:40 PM 11/30/2006 : Uploaded my new site design. Still setting it up, so there may be errors here and there; I hope everyone enjoys the new template.]

[12:15 AM 11/20/2006 : Finally completed NothingToDoStone.com! yay! made minor fixes in my site, and upon viewer suggestion, made a new intro page. (although, I meant what I wrote, so that stayed.) Had 'arkyve' pointed out to me... its spelled that way on purpose, same reason I misspelled exist, for xzyst. I just like how it looked. working on a 3-d modeled character for FullScale Corp. Hopefully 'she' will be seen in upcoming ad's and artwork. still working on many other projects, but hopefully in the near future I will be able to upload and configure my new site design...]

[12:34 PM 5/21/2006 : I have been busy completing projects for snakes, superpartys, and phoenix affiliates.

Due to a large workload for the summer season, all work on the game has halted. so my proposed launch of summertime, is cancelled. I'm sorry, I tried, but I dont want to rush this project.]

[3:56 PM 1/25/2006 : busy working on restoring ballpythonclub.com.

new projects added to live sites (located at website arkyve-> live sites)

there was an error found in the 'flash demo' area. (instructions are located there on what to do now)

I will be building a new Xzyst.com site in a few weeks, when I have time. (this is just to keep up with my new ideas and provide new demonstrations.)]

[12:02 AM 10/21/2005 : opened the flash container to the public.]

[12:49 AM 10/13/2005 : flash sites can now be viewed through the 'Website Arkyve' by choosing 'Flash Sites' started to work on the midi select list. when finished you will be able to select a midi, OR play a random one.]

[1:29 PM 10/12/2005 : all website demonstrations (flash sites, live sites, and template demos) are now located in 'Website Arkyve' main menu was altered.]

[11:15 PM 10/4/2005 : contact form opens in a new window. site arkyve (non flash) is open. there you can view my artistic demo sites.]

[12:00 PM 9/25/2005 : No additions. Fixed bug in the arkyke (template error)]

[1:47 PM 8/24/2005 : No additions. I am extremely busy. I will update the site soon.]

[2:28 AM 7/31/2005 : made a new layout for the site... (still working on it.) New Arkyve (gallery) has been uploaded. click 'graphic arkyve'. information updated. more coming soon. site complete, I am goin to bed.]

[2:15 AM 7/28/2005 : my links section has been updated with new links to the sites I have been building, and/or working on.]

[3:42 AM 7/5/2005 : click 'Xzyst:The Game/Info' from the main menu RATING:|pg-13| this image contains visualization of blood.]